Hazel Atlas Round Refrigerator Container

This depression glass refrigerator bowl has been well-used, but it displays well.
Great for a Hazel Atlas or green depression glass collector.

Item # Item Approximate Dimensions Condition Marking(s) Price (does NOT include shipping)
OC10-1 and OC10-2 Refrigerator Storage Bowl 5 3/4″ diameter Lid: 1/2″ chip in rim that fits down into bowl, plus numerous rough areas where “fleabites” of glass have been lost. 3/16″ chip under rim that rests on top of bowl. Hazel Atlas trademark (large “H” with small “A” underneath) $5.00
4 1/2″ high
Bowl: Inner rim that lid rests on has three 1/8″ dings and a one-inch area that has about ten small chips in it. The upper rim has a two-inch area where it is chipped, including one 1″ long continuous shallow chip, .
This is still a nice display piece and a bargain at my asking price. I can e-mail you pix of the damaged areas if you are interested in this item.